How Does 3D Printing Work

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5 Reasons Why 3D Printers Are The Next Step in Social Change – Social Work Helper

5 Reasons Why 3D Printers Are The Next Step in Social ChangeSocial Work HelperYou can make nearly anything, cheaper than you could buy it! 3D printers work by taking a 3D model and then layering a variety of materials to make that object. People have built amazing things with them and often at a cost far less than if they were …

Gigaom site news: Meet our two new channels, Science & Energy and Social & Web (paidcontent)

Before you all go away for the holiday weekend to set off loud explosive devices, a little Gigaom site news. We're introducing two new channels today: Science & Energy, and Social & Web.
As part of our continuing quest to discover the Next Big Thing in the tech industry, we decided that we wanted to highlight our coverage of these areas in a broader way. It's been a while since we last updated that little bar at the top of our homepage with new destinations, and the only constant in the tech world is that things change.
The Science & Energy channel replaces the Cleantech channel, but it's more of an expansion of what was covered there than a retreat from the topic. You'll find stories about alternative energy sources, materials science, 3D printing, space, resource management, robotics, and a lot more in this channel as we continue to increase our coverage of this very interesting area.
Social & Web is pretty self-explanatory: we write an awful lot about Google, Facebook, Twitter and web startups but we've never given those stories their own home on our site. This channel rectifies that, and you'll also find stories …

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